Freedom and dignity you can’t enjoy when you are young.

Digna Classic


A timeless homage to eyewear passed down despite the passage of time. The style has been perfected right to the finest details by the craftsmanship and careful handiwork of Japanese artisans, creating unwavering dignity. This eyewear makes the wearer feel at once nostalgic and novel. It is no longer necessary to chase trends or be chased. Mature freedom and grace can be found in this eyewear.




眼鏡を追求してきたPARIS MIKIの長い歴史。その経験と知識から生まれるDIGNA Classicのプロダクトは、企画・製造・販売までの一貫したものづくりと徹底した製品管理により、他を追随しない圧倒的なクオリティを実現する。

PARIS MIKI has a long history of pursuing the finest glasses. DIGNA Classic products were created by this experience and expertise. Thorough product management throughout the entire production process—from planning to production and sales—leads to outstanding quality that doesn't copy others.


世界最高峰の品質を持つ日本製の眼鏡は、その95%以上が福井県鯖江市で生産される。その鯖江に自社工場を構え生産されるDIGNA Classicは、100年を超える歴史を持つ工場にて熟練の職人により丹精に作られる。

The quality of Japanese glasses is one of the highest in the world. Over 95% of Japanese glasses are produced in Sabae City, Fukui Prefecture. DIGNA Classic products are made in the company's own factory in Sabae with over 100 years of history. Here, expert craftspeople work earnestly to produce our glasses.


いつも快適にご使用いただくため、PARIS MIKIでは掛け心地のチェック・分解クリーニングなど、全国のショップにてアフターケアが対応可能。定期的なメンテナンスによって、大切な眼鏡は末永く愛用できる。

To allow wearers to continue using our products comfortably, PARIS MIKI carries out aftercare such as checking the comfort of the glasses or taking them apart and cleaning them in stores throughout the country. Regular maintenance will allow you to enjoy your precious glasses for years and years to come.