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Manufacturing Quality of Create Three

DIGNA Classicを生産する自社工場クリエイトスリー。眼鏡作りにおいて日本で最も歴史のある福井県鯖江市において、一貫生産のもと生産される製品は、世界でも高い評価を得ている。最先端設備と職人の手仕事が融合して作られる金型はとても精度が高くなっている。また、加工が難しいと言われるチタンやゴムメタル素材も長い年月を経て培われた技術により繊細な表現を実現しています。

We produce DIGNA Classic at our own factory, Create Three. It is located in Sabae City, Fukui Prefecture, a city with the longest history in eyeglass making in Japan. The eyewear produced entirely in-house has earned a high reputation worldwide. Fusing state-of-the-art facility and handwork of craftspeople, the molds feature extremely high precision. Furthermore, drawing on techniques developed over many years, Create Three realizes delicate designs using titanium and gum metals that are considered difficult to process.
Along with such techniques, Create Three craftspeople’s aspiration to continually evolve eyewear is reflected in every product.

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